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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Warning!  Don't discover this issue the hard way!  This tip kind of goes along with the one posted below.  I usually don't wash my quilt fabric.  I know that if it's good, quality quilt-store cotton fabric, and I used cotton thread, and cotton batting I will be perfectly fine from now until forever.  Even if I wash my quilts when they are done or ten years old.  BUT I found out the hard way several years ago that you have to wash flannel fabric.  Quilt-store quality or not.  It does shrink and become wonky.  And be careful when pressing because it can become even wonkier!  It's worth it in the end! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

What a "duh" moment for me!  When I have fabric that I don't want to fray - as in needing to put it in the washing machine - I grab my pinking shears.  I saw a hint on the computer a while back where a "Wave Blade" for your rotary cutter was used to pink the fabric edges!  This is a whole lot faster!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I never knew how to throw away my bent pins and used rotary blades.  There was no way I could just toss them in the trash.  I decided to take a used yogurt container (one with the mouth wider than the bottom) and cover the outside with a pretty scrapbook paper.  I then cut a half-inch hole in the lid to be able to pop my pins into.  I also discard my rotary blades into it.  It sits near my sewing machine.  When the container gets full I can just throw the whole thing into the trash.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Is this a quilting tip or hint?  If you don't receive the catalog "Connecting Threads" yet - you may want to check it out.  www.connectingthreads.com.  You can receive it in the mail, but it also has lots of sales and extras on their website.  Their fabric is a fabulous quality, and the prices average only $5.96 per yard!  They have several adorable lines of fabric.  Their thread is praised by several fellow quilters.  And they often have sales on their books.  Try it!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jane shared this with me today!  I believe it was her sister who told her that our cutting mats can dry out.  I realized it was very true - a couple of my cutting mats are dusky and scratched-looking.  Nothing major - just dingy.  It was suggested that we give our mats a good soaking in warm water in a bath tub to let them absorb the water and keep them supple!  Maybe I need a good soaking!

Check out this link!  http://www.quiltingboard.com/main-f1/do-cutting-mats-wear-out-t188598.html

Monday, August 27, 2012

Know anyone who is currently feeding an infant or young toddler?  Gerber foods puts their baby foods in small plastic containers with easy pop off lids.  I received quite a few of these containers and now store my buttons by colors in them.  I then line the containers up into a larger plastic storage container and slide it onto a shelf.  Think of all the ways these small containers could be used!  How about damaged pins and needles to be thrown away?  Rotary blades.  Safety pins.  How about a small sewing kit for a tote bag?     

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Okay - I just have to give this tip out.  I may be wrong, but please put up with me.  I attended a quilt show recently and found a neat quilt top assembly gadget that will help you keep track of the rows you are sewing together.  You can even keep track of the blocks in a row, or down to keeping track of the small pieces in a block.

BUT I couldn't fathom plucking out the show sale price of $19.95 - regularly $24.95.  It was a very nice compact that held round flathead pins that were pre-stamped with individual numbers.  The idea is wonderful and one that many of us have already contrived ourselves in one way or another.  I've done this myself using a permanent black marker on flathead flower pins.  I have even gone as far as using the alphabet for the row, and numbers for the blocks.  Yikes!  I love new quilting gadgets - who doesn't - but price these items accordingly!     

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