Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quilting Friends

     I spent a great morning with a few friends doing some quilting.  I actually just did some cutting - getting the fabric ready for piecing some blocks.  Cutting the fabric for preparation is a little boring so it was much nicer being able to chat with friends while doing that!
     How many of you went to the AQS show in Grand Rapids this past weekend?  Was it inspiring?  It's amazing how many talented quilters there are out there!  The piece work, blending of fabrics, and even embellishing was fantastic.  I couldn't stop saying "Oh!". 
     I also met one of my favorite designers!  Lori Smith of "From My Heart To Your Hands".  Her booth full of mini quilts was awesome.  I had to buy two of her patterns, of course, and she even signed them both.  I can't wait to start the one below which is 18" x 24"!  She had it done in blues and greys.

Fit to Frame: Pattern Thirteen

Want to win fabric for life?  Or even for a year?  Click on this Fons & Porter link and sign up! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The coming excitement!

     I'm starting to see an end to the beast I've been battling since last Christmas!  I feel I now have a purpose again.  I used to own a quilt store for 13 years and closed it over a year ago.  Lately I've felt like I've been wandering in the desert not knowing what to do or where to go!   
     I'm brand new at blogging but am looking forward to the connection with you who will be reading it, and participating in it.  I hope we'll be interacting together here.  I will be adding an "Online Courses" tab soon where you can check out some new quilting techniques for free.  I'll also add a "Quilting Tips" tab that I'll add to weekly to share my, and your, fun quilt tips and tricks.
     My website will be up and running very soon with a link from here.  On the website I will have my Block of the Month pattern booklets available for purchase.  I've just recently finished designing a brand new one called "Quilt Away the Blues".  And what could be more fun to find a FREE Mystery Block of the Month on the website?  This free design will start in January of 2012. 
     Join me and keep in touch!