Friday, September 14, 2012

I'll Admit It.

       I'm taking a breather from the sale we're having of mom's craft room.  Hope nobody looked at the dust!  My yard and our gardens are a shambles since I was unable to work in them this past year.  Ah well, there's next year!
       Here's a picture of one of the dolls I was lamenting about in yesterday's post.  The link is:

     I love Gail Wilson's doll designs.  They are so beautiful.  You can see the artist's touch in them.    

     And then here's the moment I have to share.  I was quilting one afternoon at my old quilt store in town.  I was being very studious and was very intent on my project.  It was lunch time, but I was positive I could get my project done in a short bit, so I grabbed my sandwich and continued on at the sewing machine.  I was stitching two long 2 1/2" strips together.  Concentrating on the machine, I pulled the straight pins out jamming them into the pincushion just as fast as the sewing machine came upon them and was so proud that I had put them together in a flash  Then  I looked over to grab my sandwich and found out it was making do as a new pincushion!.        

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