Saturday, September 29, 2012

The New Me

       No one noticed that I had colored my hair yesterday.  Guess I wasn't bold enough!  Should have gone bright red or blonde!  At least the color covered up the gray - except those shiny spots in front of my ears.  They never go away.  I refuse to give in gracefully to the gray!
      I'm not quite done with the "Pinwheels in my Garden".  Then I go and buy another pattern while at Attice Window on Alpine.  Like I don't have enough projects to do already!  Yet the pattern I bought is so totally not me - it's outside of my comfort zone color wise, but it called to me.  I heard it and acted on it.  I always follow my heart (or my gut), rarely with my brain! :) 
      This is what I bought.

      I love it!  It's bright and wild!  I'm going to use 1930's reproduction fabric for it.  It's all hand applique so don't expect to see it for a long time.       

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