Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mom's Dolls

      This was a no stitching day.  I cleaned carpet, washed some pots and pans that don't do well in the dishwasher (you have that problem?), worked with hubby on the last bit of the new website, worked some on my Etsy Store, and tried fixing some issues on my facebook page. 
      I took a few photos of some dolls my mom has made me over the years.  They are ALL favorites!  She loves to make miniature dolls and will be continuing to make them while she lives in California.  I hope she sends them my way!  She also loved to make dolls that were of a folk-art or primitive look.  Those were my favorites.  She never had to think too hard as to what to make me for my birthday or for Christmas each year!  I had a new doll every time. 
     This pair are best friends.  I got one doll at one celebration, and the other at a later date.  But they've always sat on their bench together. 
      Mom painted the faces, sometimes the hair, and even the shoes at times!  Each doll has fingers.  Mom would never let a doll out of her house without pantaloons and an underslip! 
      I'll be sharing mom's doll off and on in the future. 
      Here's a project that I want to start soon.  Along with all the other projects that I have good intentions of!  For some reason I'm really falling for owls.  I know they are one of the "in" things right now, and they've hooked me.  I love the quilt books from "Whimsicals".  Their book called "Buttons and Blooms" is awesome and that is where I found this pillow.  It will not go with our livingroom decor but Whooooo cares!  (Couldn't resist that!) 
         The pillow is in the lower left hand corner.  I love the table runner too!  And the quilt, and . . .


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