Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mini Blocks

      I've had a quiet day working on my "Dear Jane" blocks.  This is a popular quilt that has inspired many quilters to dive into the miniature side of quilting.  There are 225 patterns!  The blocks for the body of the quilt (inside the border) each measure 4 1/2" square.  I think I've made 20 blocks so far.  
      The link to the "Dear Jane" website is  The original quilt maker/designer did an amazing job creating this historical piece.  Why it was made and how long it may have taken her is   special.
      I know a couple of gals who are also attempting to make this quilt.  Some make the blocks by sewing machine, some by paper piecing, and others, like myself, make each block by hand.  I find the process of hand quilting to be very calming, and a great nightly project to do while watching a good movie.
      Since I love Civil War reproduction fabrics this is a great way to feed my collection!  I only need to buy about 1/8 yd., or a fat 1/8th, of the fabrics I choose.  Otherwise, it's fun to buy more and share with fellow "Dear Jane" stitchers!
      I hope you check out the link and enjoy the story behind this exceptional quilt.  

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