Monday, September 10, 2012

What a day!

     I know this blog is suppose to be all about quilting, but I have to share that I saw my oncologist today and found that I'm cancer free.  I feel so blessed.  I went through a major trial in my life and don't know, and may never know, why.  But God knows.  So now I move on.
     I'm just finishing up on a Thimbleberries project.  It is called "Sedona" and is a beautiful wall hanging.  It's an old pattern.  Do you find that you go through stages of designs, colors or fabrics?  I remember that I was real big on Debbie Mumm fabric and patterns for a while, and then I moved on to Thimbleberries.  Now I'm into Kansas Trouble designs and fabric.  And I've just discovered Red Button Quilt Co.
     I guess that's why the quilt market keeps moving forward!  It's never stale! 
     I have friends who just love bright colors.  Those who love the sixties fabric.  Or batiks.  Or Civil War (I confess I still do!).  And even the 50's feedsack look.  I've wondered over the years how a new idea for fabric can even be designed.  Hasn't it all been done?  Then, sure enough, something new pops up.
     New pattern design puzzle me too!  Hasn't it all been done before there too?  Nope!  New and fun designs and techniques keep merging.  And thank goodness too!      

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