Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Photos

      Good Afternoon!  How time flies.  We wrapped up mom's "stuff" sale and boxed a lot of it back up.  Now we're packing up her other "stuff" that will get sent to her through the post office - more clothes, some of her dearest knick-knacks, some crafts that she can do by hand, and more of her miniature doll making items.  It'll be like Christmas for her for a few days!  I also sent along the bed quilt and pillow shams that I had made her for Christmas a few years ago.  She seems to be happy with my brother and his wife in California.  And we talk often.
      I told you I'd pop in a photo of the wall hanging "Sedona" by Thimbleberries when I got it done.  Here it is!
      It took me a while to actually sit down and do it.  Once I got started I was inspired to finish!  I would have quilted it by hand, though, if I had really thought it through.  I started machine quilting around all the stars and began wondering "what was I thinking?".  It was a pain in the neck.  And the back of the quilt looks awful.  Good thing it's hanging on the wall!
      I added new photos to the blog here.  But, I got thinking, I'd love to add some of your quilts!  Send your photo(s) to my business email:   I'll put them on the front of the blog!  How fun would that be!?  

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