Sunday, September 9, 2012

Moda Fabrics

     Gals used to come into my quilt store and, without blinking an eyelid, tell me "I'm a Moda Fabric snob".  I'd smile because I could understand.  Moda Fabric has a lovely, soft texture to it.  I'm not exactly sure what makes it so - but it is nice.  Yet, I've also found that Kaufman has a similar soft feel to it, and a few other lines of fabric.  Try not to limit yourself to just one name brand fabric line.
     We all love a sale on fabric!  There are a few variety stores that carry very inexpensive fabric in pre-cut pieces.  It's hard to resist. But keep in mind that even though the selvage may have the printed name of a top fabric designer or top fabric line, the printed fabric in your hands is most likely to be first run test fabric and printed on not so nice base fabric.  If the fabric feels stiff, or you can hold it up to the light and see clear across the store through it, don't buy it.  Or buy it just to make sample quilt blocks in.  It's not worth saving the money to have your well-loved finished quilt fray at the seams. 
     Yet you might find a treasure!  That piece of fabric that IS quality fabric and is simply from an old fabric line!  It doesn't hurt to look . . . and feel!   
     Here's one of my favorite treasure spots:

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