Sunday, September 16, 2012

One More Boo-Boo!

      Apparently September is National Sewing Month!  I had no idea.  I spotted in on my Garden Path Quilts Facebook page.  I've certainly been quilting the past few days.  It feels good.  I finished my "Sedona" wall hanging and will post a photo when I get my rear in gear.
     I'm also just finishing up on a Kansas Trouble's wall hanging called "Pinwheels in My Garden".  Fitting, eh?  Except I did a boo-boo yesterday.  I had the top centered on my backing at one point, then took it off to put the batting down, and thought I had recentered in to avoid the cut-out on the backing.  I trimmed the whole unit to a couple of inches beyond the top and discovered I hadn't centered the top after all.  See my mistake?  My friend, Jane, stopped by and I showed her my dilema.  She quickly piped up, "that's a good place for a label!".  What a smartie!  So I went on to pin the top down and began quilting it.  I am now putting all the applique in place.  I'll pop up another photo once I have the whole thing done.
     Happy quilting!  

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