Thursday, September 6, 2012


     This morning I was moving a chair.  It stopped, but my knee kept going.  Ugh!  Right on the knee cap.  Why do those things always hurt so much?  My limbs seem to always find the corners of end tables, the footboard of our bed, and even the knob that sticks out on the china cabinet.  I don't even drink!
     I thought I'd share a photo of an online Block of the Month I'm working on right now.  It was last year's project for this site and I actually printed them off as the months went on, but didn't actually start on it until I was feeling better this summer.  It is so cute!  I just love the colors.  I actually went online and searched for the fabric too.  I'm doing September's block now, and can't wait to get the top done.  I'm wonder just how I'll quilt it.  I've never done an embroidery quilt before and am not sure.  Tell me what you think!  The link is

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